Joeyfel A.
The ring was beautiful and I knew my girl would instantly love it.

Finally got around to writing this review. I’ve hesitated writing this is because I was afraid I could not find the right words to do justice for Moshe’s work but I’m going to give it a shot. First off, meeting Moshe for the first time was a bit intimidating. Face to face Moshe emits this ‘Mafia Boss’ aura so I knew right away that this man meant business and is an expert in what he does. In this case, it’s making art in the form of diamond rings. I made my first appointment with Moshe back in February. I showed him examples of the style of engagement ring my girl would want, her ring size, the price range I was aiming for, and if it was possible to get it done before April. Fast forward a month later and I got a text from him saying the ring is ready for pick up. Picked it up and he met all of my expectations. The ring was beautiful and I knew my girl would instantly love it. Due to the pandemic my original plan to propose in April fell-short so I had to think of a plan B. Fast forward to July and I now have a fiancé. She said yes to me so I’m guessing she really loved the ring lol. The ring turned out to be a half size too small for her finger so I scheduled an appointment to see if Moshe could resize and possibly get a thinner band for it. A few weeks later, I get the call to pick it up and Moshe nailed it yet again, the ring fit her finger perfectly. And on top of that, he did this all for us free of charge! This man is a saint and a scholar. All in all. Excellent service from Moshe and his staff. If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend soon, look no further and hit up Moshe, Mr. Diamond Guy Hawaii himself. And give your special someone the beautiful ring that they truly deserve. 10/10. Will definitely recommend.

–  Joeyfel A. (Yelp ★★★★★)

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