Megan D.
Thank you so so much DGH and staff!

The Diamond guy – aka Moshe. Tall, bald guy – his IG might make you think he’s a mafia guy but man does this guy have such a big heart. I emailed DGH and someone from his staff (Ms. Kim) replied and was very personable! The staff and the office were very accommodating as we had to bring our 11month old with us. Overall the consultation appt consisted of what I wanted in my ring. Come prepared to show your ideas and thoughts so he can better understand what you want. Moshe works super well with your budget. He understood that we wanted to stay below 10K but of course the lower the better. Originally we wanted to alter my original ring but with the way it was crafted Moshe advised us that it would be cheaper to make a whole new ring. He gave us the the insight that most people often know – if you buy a 0.97 or 0.98 it often cheaper than going with a 1K – he wanted to make sure we stayed in our budget. With the ring I wanted we were well under our budget! Which was great! After the appt, I asked Moshe to send me a rough draft before he started working on the actual products which he did a few weeks after! I’m not sure if we lucked out, but Moshe was so kind and generous that he designed my ring with a beautiful 1.02K instead of the smaller size that we opted for due to budget. Not only did he do that, but he also offered to restore my wedding band and engagement ring that we bought from the wedding ring shop. It took a while 6 weeks I think, or 8 to get everything back, But it was worth it. When we went to pick up, we had to bring my daughter a long and guess what? Moshe, the kind and generous guy he is, gifted her a beautiful jade bracelet! This guy is really a family guy. For the two visits we had, he seemed to enjoy our daughters presence and talked about his family with us as well. In the end, my original rings were beautiful and sparkly, and my NEW ring from Moshe was just stunning. Moshe made sure I enrolled with jewelry insurance just in case anything happened too!

Thank you so so much DGH and staff!

I will say for those interested that you should figure out how you’ll be paying because unlike big jewelry chains, there was no option of financing with them. Reach out, it never hurts too!

Bottom band is my band from wedding ring shop that he took in and restored. Top is the ring Moshe made for me.

– Megan D. (Yelp ★★★★★)

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