upgrade your diamond engagement ring

Five Tips to Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

So you’ve been together for a while and your marriage is going well. You’re going to grow old and sit by the fire with your grandkids and read their bedtime stories one day. How lovely….and then your wife turns to you and said “I think it’s getting old”. With a puzzled look, you look at her and said “You mean, my hair? My skin? Are you divorcing me? I knew it!”. “Calm down darling. I’m talking about my ring”, she puts her ring up in your face and you were so relieved that you don’t mind being temporarily blinded by the bling.¬†Then you realized that she was right and it’s time to upgrade the diamond engagement ring you bought her 5 years ago.

Five Tips to Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

five tips to upgrade your diamond engagement ring

  1. Side Stone or Stack – Consider adding a side stone to enhance the center diamond or stacking another ring together. It will¬†create an entire new look which you can change later whenever you’d like. One example would be to change the color of the metal band of your ring or choosing a different gem stone to complement what you already have.
  2. Know what you want to upgrade – Do you want to upgrade the stone? The setting? Color or Clarity? It will help you a lot when you’re specific about what element of the diamond ring you want to upgrade. Costs can add up with the additional upgrades so keep in mind about your budget and choose the part that you want to spend money on.
  3. Change the Setting – Not really into upgrading the stone? Then changing the setting of your diamond ring can be another option. For example, if you change it to a bezel setting, you can prevent your diamond center stone from getting damaged on the sides.
  4. Don’t skip on quality – After you research on what type of stone you want to upgrade and the costs that come with it, it’s important that you don’t skip out on a quality diamond. After all, this is something that will be on your finger for a long time. In the long term, a fine piece of diamond will cost you less and give you more joy.
  5. Get your new Diamond Appraised – When you get your new shiny ring with the brand new setting or whatever changes you decide to make, get a new appraisal because the value of the diamond may have gone up since you pay more for it.

Now get out there and get a new shiny bling!