Custom Engagement Rings

A unique design for your one-of-a-kind romance.
Enjoy a ring as unique and precious as your love.
Diamond Guy specializes in one-of-a-kind, high-end engagement rings and wedding bands.

As a 16-year veteran in the diamond industry, we are known for being extremely particular about the diamonds that we use and take our time to build a ring your fiancé will be proud to show off.

As a boutique company we have the freedom and opportunity to create pieces that are truly unique and unlike anything you will find in a big box retailer. We love collaborating with couples to design their dream ring and guide them through the design process to determine the best color, fit and cut for her. It is just part of the VIP service that we offer with each Diamond Guy Hawaii purchase.

Average starting price $6000, but we can work with any budget or can offer a range of options

We offer In house jewelry appraisal with each purchase (upon request)

We offer certified and non-certified diamonds however, remember you are buying a diamond not a car. Go with your gut instinct, diamonds are an emotional purchase. You don’t want something that only looks good on paper but lacks fire, don’t let certificates fool you!

Consultations should be made about a month to two months before you are looking to have the ring completed. We are only able to give accurate pricing close to the time of purchase because diamond prices change according to the market as well as what is available in our inventory. Please schedule when you are looking to secure your design and stone fairly soon for accurate pricing!

Custom rings take about 3 to 5 weeks from start to finish. But we are able to do rush jobs on request.

At Diamond Guy we pride ourselves in building a life long relationship with our clients. We are not a huge retail store selling pre-made engagement rings from sales people that you may never see again.


What we suggest before you schedule:

1. set a budget

2. go around town, check out prices of what other retail stores can offer you at what price.

3. get an idea or a few ideas of the type of setting you would like, diamond shape etc.

4. check out our inspirations pages and instagram for ideas and save a few photos to share with us!

5. finally- contact us via email and let us know
1) the style and any requests (feel free to attach photos!) 2) your budget 3) your timeline