Upgrade Your Diamond

Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

We want our clients to love their diamond. That’s why we will always buy back any diamond that we’ve sold you – no questions asked, in cash.  This is a practice that we wish all businesses in Hawaii would adopt as we feel it is the best and only way to treat customers.

The maximum restocking fee would be 25 percent of the diamond value.
The diamond value only increases – so typically we are able to offer a 15-20 percent restocking fee.

For any major upgrades – defined as more than 30 percent of the initial value of the diamond – we extend 10 percent towards your purchase for an upgrade. It’s not a gimmick – it is because we agree with you. Your loved one deserves a diamond she loves!

And while we gladly accept returns, our goal is to make sure you are 100 percent happy with your purchase. To do this we offer complimentary consultations to answer any questions and provide recommendations so you know you are making an educated decision that you are fully comfortable with.