Wedding Superstitions & Traditions

There are few events that warrant as many superstitions and traditions as marriage.

But what is the difference between a superstition and a tradition? A superstition is believed to bring about a supernatural occurrence. A tradition is something that you do regularly, often one that has been done by those before you. For example, Friday the 13th is supposed to magically bring bad luck- that is superstition. Baking a cake for a  birthday is a tradition, just something you always do.

It is a superstition that dropping your engagement ring during the ceremony dooms your marriage.

It is a tradition to wear white.

Let’s take a look at a few other superstitions and traditions according to The


Why do we wear wedding rings on our “ring finger”?

The finger between the pinky and middle on  the left hand is commonly known as the “ring finger” and where engagement, and wedding rings are placed. The common belief is that in olden times, it was believed that the vein in that finger ran to the heart. That has since been disproved but the tradition stuck in America. In many cultures including in Europe, it is worn on the right hand or a different finger all together.


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Are you doomed if you drop your engagement ring?

The superstition here is that if the ring is dropped during the ceremony, it forebodes the death of the ring dropper. Obviously, this is highly unlikey. Many modern couples opt for children or pets as ring bearers – tying the rings to the pillow is never a bad idea! Countless children or pets have gotten a little excited and dropped or lost the rings. We’ve even hear a story of a dog EATING the rings, and a child throwing a tantrum and tossing the rings into a nearby field.

Do rings carry history or good luck / bad luck?

Many engagement rings are passed down within families as heirlooms, which is a beautiful sentiment and clever way to keep a valuable item in the family. However, many believe that a ring from a failed or rocky marriage would bring bad luck to a new couple. Locally, we know this as “bachi”. Every marriage is different, and assigning such beliefs to a inanimate object is really personal choice. Engagement rings are often made of expensive and valuable stones. Diamonds in particular are hard to find and have a history of potential conflict, reusing diamonds avoids all of this! Often people will sell their rings from a previous marriage etc., saying they don’t want the bad luck, but really it is a constant reminder of the past. A new couple won’t have the memories associated with your ring, and perhaps what is a bad reminder for you, can be a treasured gift for a new couple! We suggest resetting stones into new custom rings or making other jewelry out of them, like a necklace or earrings.


Other traditions and superstitions:

  • a spider in your wedding gown is good luck!
  • carrying the bride over the threshold protects her from evil
  • not seeing each other before the wedding was supposedly so that the groom couldn’t change his mind! Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then. This tradition is now done mostly to keep the excitement of the “First Look”, a trend many couples photograph.